Toothpaste Vajradati

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Toothpaste Vajradati
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Vajradati's toothpaste is the perfect mixture of 18 Ayurvedic herbs and roots, which is the best Ayurvedic tank of gums and teeth. This is a natural product, each medicinal component of which is very useful for the health of the teeth and the gums. Vajradati flavoring dentist is an effective means of piorea, swollen and bleeding gums and other periodontal diseases. Showing for use: Piorya, bleeding gum, prevention of caries, gingivitis, periodontitis. SostAB: Calcium carbonate (Fine Chalk), water (Water), sorbitol (Sorbitol) ), Sodium lauryl sulphate (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), tragakant (Licorice root extract), currant extract (Currant Extract), Currant Extract, Mauritanian (Common Jujube Extract), Jambez Extract (Rose Apple Extract), Extract Barleria (Barleria Prionitis Extract), Stone Oak (Asian Holly Oak), Walnut (Persian Walnut), Naskslum American (Prickly Ash), Catapa Terminal (Indian Almond), Bibhitaki (Bedda Nut), Sarspare Sarspare (Sarsaparilla), Acacia Katechu (Catechu), Pattanga (Sappan Wood), Mushmula German (Medlar), Cinnamon (Cinnamon), Gumiarabic (Gum Arabic), Majshisha (Bengal Madder), Chamomile (Mayweed), flavor OR (Flavour), Sakharin (Sodium Saccharin), Methylparaben Sodium (Methyl Hydroxy Benzoate Sodium). Licorice Root Extract - Protects the oral cavity from bacteria, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. Stone (Asian Holly Oak) Anti-inflammatory action, helps with gingivitis, stomatitis and bleeding gums. Katechu (Catechu) - removes inflammation, has an antibacterial properties, effective in periodontal disease, caries and treatment of the other oral cavity. Bibhitaki (Bedda Nut) - prevents the growth of bacteria, has an anti-inflammatory property. Mask (mayweed) - contains many useful flavonoids and oils with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

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