Cocoa dry low-fat "FIT-Parade", 150 gr.

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Cocoa dry low-fat "FIT-Parade", 150 gr.
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Cocoa dry low-fat "fit-parade" 1.5%Cocoa is a delicious and healthy drink containing a lot of useful substances:Theobromin - improves the work of the cardiovascular system, favorably affects the state of dental enamel;Theophylline - expands the vessels, relaxes a smooth muscles, normalizes blood pressure;phenylethylamine - raises the mood, improves the concentration of attention;Caffeine - stimulates the nervous system, expands the vessels, improves the work of the heart and blood vessels;Purine bases - improve the metabolism, are involved in the transfer of energy;Polyphenols are antioxidants protecting the organism from premature aging by influencing free radicals.Also, there are vitamin A, C, zinc, calcium, iron. In 100 ccao powder contained 22 gr. Protein and only 1.5 gr. Fat.Cocoa powder low-fat phytarad for athletes is useful. It is a powerful antioxidant, according to the properties of the leading among other beverages, including coffee and green tea. Only 2 cups of cocoa per day will give you the charge of energy, protect against overstraught syndrome, make the body stronger and rustier.

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