Potato flakes

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Potato flakes
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Potato flakes are potato mashed potatoes from fresh washed and purified potatoes, dried on a special drum dryer and crushed in flakes with a size of 3-6 mm.Potato flakes have significant advantages over fresh potatoes from the point of view of storage and transportation, simplify and speed up the process of cooking mashed potatoes, disappears the need for energy and labor costs associated with the processing of raw potatoes. Of 1 kg of potato flakes, you can prepare up to 6.5 kg of high-quality potato mashed potatoes, which has undeniable advantages over a potato mashed potatoes from fresh potatoes, including at cost.Flakes are easily restored to a full potato mashed potatoes when adding water, do not require cooking and are intended for eating in food without prior culinary processing. The potato mashed potatoes have excellent taste, smell and color, thermostable, does not change its consistency and taste quality after freezing.

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