Tomato Juice Wish

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Tomato Juice Wish
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Tomato juice - firming and refreshing drink. The phytoncides contained in it suppress the fermentation processes in the intestine, potassium improves the work of the heart, and organic acids regulate the metabolism. Tomato juice containing vitamin C, carotene, group vitamins, can be recommended to all. It is useful for diseases of the cardiovascular system, constipation. Because of the low caloric content, it can be drilled by people with overweight. Two glasses of tomato juice fill the daily need for vitamins C and A. Tomato juice you need to drink 20-30 minutes before meals, as it increases the readiness of the stomach and intestines to digest food. It improves metabolic processes, rich in vitamins, salts and microelements, protects cells from damage, stimulates the formation of connective tissue, enhances the synthesis of hormones, restores the activity of the nervous system. Tomato juice drink in pure form, as well as mixing with apple, pumpkin and lemon juices (2: 4: 2: 1). Before using shabby. Recommended!Composition: Tomato juice, sugar, salt, antioxidant-ascorbic acid, water. Made from tomato paste. Food value 100 ml of product: Carbohydrates-5.0 g, Sol-0.6 G. Energy value: 20 kcal (85 kJ).

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