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The mixture is unstable
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Nestogen 1 mixture has been specially developed to ensure a balanced healthy diet and comfortable digestion of the baby. A mixture of Nestogen 1 with prebiotics Prebio and unique lactobacilli L.reuteri helps to improve intestinal motility, the formation of regular soft stools, healthy microflora and reduce colic. Nestogen 1 blend is characterized by the predominance of whey proteins to improve protein quality and comfortable digestion. Nestogen 1 mixture is intended for feeding healthy children from birth in cases when breastfeeding is impossible, and is a dairy component of the baby's diet. It contains a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals for harmonious growth and development. IMPORTANT NOTE The ideal food for an infant is mother's milk. Before deciding on artificial feeding using infant formula, seek advice from a medical professional. Age restrictions are indicated on the packaging of goods in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The product is made from raw materials produced by specially approved suppliers, without the use of genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, dyes and flavors. Note: To preserve live bacteria, boiled water should be cooled to about body temperature (37 C) and then add a dry mixture. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to use a measuring spoon filled without a slide. Dilution of an incorrect amount of powder larger or smaller than the amount indicated in the table may lead to dehydration of the child's body or a violation of his nutrition. These proportions cannot be changed without the advice of a medical professional. At this age, the child's diet becomes more diverse (cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish are gradually introduced). Consult with a medical professional before introducing complementary foods into the child's menu. If the early introduction of complementary foods is recommended by your doctor, then reduce the amount of infant formula consumption according to the recommendation. Barcode - 4600680008547

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