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Advertising screen
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Outdoor LED screens: new generation advertising ​ Advertising is the heart of any business. It is a powerful tool that helps to acquire new customers, attract attention to their products and services and retain their audience. Modern technologies of information technology development make it possible to create itnsive various types of LED screens that can be used to display advertising on streets, squares and arenas. In this article we will consider the advantages and all the advantages of using LED screens for advertising purposes. ​ Advantages of LED screens One of the main advantages of LED screens is their brightness and contrast. This is especially indicated by LED screens with high pixel density, which can display details on high-resolution advertising images. The lights can be adjusted to certain colors, which allows you to show any image or a running line brightly, which attracts people's attention. Another advantage is scalability. The lights can be connected together to create a large LED screen that is suitable for any event or building. A larger screen width provides a wider viewing angle, and high definition and brightness ensure high-quality display of images and videos. LED screens use energy sparingly, which reduces energy costs. They are durable and require almost no maintenance, which reduces operating costs. ​ Application of LED screens The lights can be used to display content in various formats. It can be videos, images, text messages, animated images, etc. Outdoor LED screens can be placed in any places where there are a lot of people. In addition, they can be used for messages of a global nature, for example, for a wide event with many spectators or at sporting events. Our online store offers a variety of LED screens of various sizes and configurations that can meet any needs and requirements. In addition, he can provide advice on the selection, location and configuration of LED screens. ​ Conclusion Outdoor LED screens are an amazing tool that can attract a lot of customers, provide an increased level of interaction with the public and increase brand awareness and trust. In recent years, LED screens have become an indispensable attribute for street advertising, organizing events, broadcasting sports events, etc. They are the most effective means of attracting public attention due to brightness, clarity and large size. ​ If earlier LED screens were intended only for large organizations, now they are available to almost everyone thanks to a large selection of screens from China at an affordable price. ​ The main types of LED screens There are various types of LED screens on the market, depending on their purpose and installation method. The main types consist of transparent, flexible, external and internal screens. ​ Transparent screens are the most aesthetically attractive type of LED screens. They can be installed in office buildings, shops, restaurants, etc. Due to their transparency, they do not interfere with the passage of light and provide excellent visibility of the content. Flexible screens are a new technology that has the ability to perform any shape with a surface. They can be installed on any surfaces, such as cars, building walls and cylindrical surfaces. Outdoor screens are the largest and most well—known type of LED screens. They are widely used for outdoor advertising and can work in any conditions, including strong wind, rain and heat. ​ Indoor screens are a type of LED screens that are used inside buildings to display video ads, presentations or broadcast sports events. ​ Characteristics of LED screens LED screens vary in resolution, brightness, refresh rate and viewing angle. Resolution is the number of pixels that can be displayed on the screen. The higher the resolution, the clearer and brighter the content can be displayed on the screen. Brightness is one of the most important parameters for outdoor screens, as they should be visible even in the bright sun. The higher the brightness of the screen, the better it will be visible on the street. Refresh rate is the rate at which the screen refreshes the image. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the content on the screen will be. The viewing angle is the angle at which you can clearly see the contents of the screen. The larger the viewing angle, the wider the audience will be able to see the content. ​ In recent years, 3D advertising screens have become available for purchase in the Chinese market, which strongly attract the viewer's attention due to the volumetric effect. You can buy an advertising screen in our company by leaving a request on our website indicating the sizes and characteristics you need.​ ​

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