Hair Air Conditioner with Natural Coconut 250 ml

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Hair Air Conditioner with Natural Coconut 250 ml
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Hair air conditioning with natural coconut "Tropicana" / Conditioner TPOPICANA 250 ML /Due to the combination of cold spin coconut oil, almond oil with scarlet vera extracts, ginseng and sunflower seeds prevent hair loss, helps the hair to keep a healthy look, softness and silkiness.Has the healing effect.Состав: Aqua, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerin, cocoamide MEA, Behentrimonium choride, vitamin E, lactic acid, Guar hydroxproyltri,omiu, chloride,Disoduim EDTA, Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, Ginseng extract, Aloe vera extract, Sunflower seed extract.Application Equally distribute the air conditioner through the hair and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. It has increased efficiency when using Tropicana with shampoo.The perfect combination of natural components is suitable for any hair types.All components bring in balm - Tropicana's air conditioning its healing qualities, mutually complementing and enhancing each other effect.Ginseng root extract increases the elasticity of the scalp, increases blood circulation, protects the skin of the head from dehydration, feeds it.It warns the appearance of dandruff, it gives hair elasticity and volume.Aloe-faith extract.The high content of essential oils, about 20 amino acids, vitamins B, C, E, beta-carotene, choline, fiber contribute to the healing of small cracks on the skin of the head, deeply penetrate the roots of the hair, feeding, strengthening and toning them.1. Sunflower seed expatience leads to an acid-alkaline balance rate and, moreover, it is a storehouse of vitamins (D, A, E) and microelements (zinc, iodine, iron, fluorine, calcium), useful for growth and strengthening hair.2.Provithin B5 thickens the body of the hair to 10%, restores its damaged structure, smoothes the surface, nourishes and strengthens the roots. Proteces the hair from the destructive effects of moisture and wind. Provitamin B5 is distinguished by an amazing property to penetrate the hair rod, enveloping it with an elastic film inside and outside.3. Hindal oil feeds roots and smooths hair scales, prevents them of fragility and thinning; gives shine to dim hair. Despite the fact that it is oil, it absorbs without a trace and fatty gloss, and due to the content of vitamin F in it, it warns the extension of the pores and establishes the work of the sebaceous glands.4. Coconut oil includes triglycerides and saturated fatty acids, which is perfectly absorbed into the skin.Capric acid, contained in coconut oil, stimulates its antimicrobic activity. Coconut oil nourishes exhausted, thin hair, protects them from protein loss.The uniqueness of the Tropicana air conditioner Balzam is that he has absorbed all natural components that are used in the treatment of hair loss of various countries.The use of a balm air conditioner in a complex with a coconut shampoo "Tropicana" will contribute to strengthening the effect of improving the overall condition of your hair.The resistant pleasant fragrance of coconut perfectly complements therapeutic, rejuvenating and other beneficial properties of the Tropicana air conditioner balm, without leaving even the queen - even Cleopatra was a fan of cosmetic foci based on coconut oil.

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