Liquid Cream Soap Diona Lemon PET 500ml (Push Pool) / 12pcs / 864St

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Liquid Cream Soap Diona Lemon PET 500ml (Push Pool) / 12pcs / 864St
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Trading House "Artik"
Trading House "Artik"


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Liquid cream soap "Lemon" Soap is designed to remove pollution of oil-fat, protein character and eliminate sharp odors. It has a good cleaning effect, economically in use. Contains softening additives, does not irritate the skin of the hands. It has a pleasant smell. Support: water, sodium laureetsulfate, sodium chloride, Cocamide Dae, glycerin, perfume composition, lemon acid. This product is under our brand. The analog is specifically for the customer. For the wholesalers and retail chains: • stand out and snuggle from competitors ordering goods under STM or under our brand. • Sell product having a different design and properties, it will help convince customers that your The goods are better than analog. Individual marketing will help you create additional value for the client and increase the cheating. • STM will allow you to be an exclusive supplier of your product, no one except you to offer this product. • Formulate the price policy. For the participants of the auctions and procurers: • Combine unscrupulous participants breaking Market • Order or participate in auction with a unique product having the necessary characteristics. • Order a product under our own brand and with individual features: Weight, volume, composition, properties, method of use, container, title, number, etc. . • Adjust the price of your product. Provide under the brand (STM) of customers and on the technical assignment from 1000 kg. You can choose the size, color and packaging. The size: 470ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml , 10000 ml. etc. D. Tsvetn: Red, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, gold, colorless, etc. D.Aromat on your choice: fruit, floral, perfume, mixed, elite, etc. .... Backing : Bottles, cans, barrels, eurocubes .... Drills: Standard, Push pool, Pumping dispenser, flip top, trigger, telescopic, etc. Design: Free design stickers with a client brand. We will develop advertising and POS materials. We will pay certificates and all permits.

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