Tosol A-65M "Articyeti Euro Standart" (pouring 1 kg)

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Tosol A-65M "Articyeti Euro Standart" (pouring 1 kg)
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<p> Tosol A-40m "Arctik Line Standart" is a high-quality coolant made on the basis of ethylene glycol, intended for cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines of passenger and trucks of all brands. The quality is confirmed by the Russian standard GOST 28084-89. </ P> <p> Advantages: <br /> - does not contain amines, nitrites, phosphates and silicates; <br /> - provides unsurpassed corrosion protection; <br /> - has lubricating properties, prolongs the life of the cooling system; <br /> - ensures the durable operation of the pump oil seals; <br /> - the unique form of canisters with an applied logo guarantees protection against fake; <br /> - cover, with an exhaust neck produced in Germany, Provides the tightness and safety of the product and convenience when used. </ p> <p> Tosol A-40M "Arctik Line Standart" contains a number of new anti-corrosion additives (corrosion inhibitors). Its corrosion exposure to metals, rubber seals and hoses not only meets the requirements of GOST, but exceeds the best foreign samples. Special additives prevent the possibility of foaming and formation of scale. Keeps the necessary properties at temperatures from -40º C to + 110º C. Contains a large package of stabilizing additives to retain its properties during operation and storage. Made in accordance with GOST 28084-89. The shelf life is not limited. <br /> Complies with standards: ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM D4340, SAE J1034, NATO S759. <br /> Developed based on requirements: Audi, SEAT TL 774-C, VAG TL 774 D (G11 ); VAG TL 774C (G011 A8C A1); MB 325.2; MAN 324; Volvo; Ford ESE M 978B4H-A; GM 1825M / 1899M, GM Saturn; Opel-GM QL 130100; Ford AF Plus; John Deere; RENAULT TYPE D; DAF; Saab; Rover; Bmw. </ P> <p> Use method: Fill in Tosol an expansion tank to the required level. </ P> <p> Attention! This item is under our brand. <br /> We will develop analogue specifically for the customer. </ P> <p> For wholesalers and retail chains: <br /> • Share and swell down from competitors ordering goods under STM or under our brand. <BR /> • Sell a product having a different design and properties, it will help to convince customers that your product is better than analog. </ p> <p> Individual marketing will help you create additional value for the client and increase the cheating. <br /> • STM will allow you to be an exclusive supplier of your product, no one except you will suggest this product. <br /> • Form yourself Price Policy. </ p> <p> For the participants of the auctions and procurers: <br /> • We go around the unscrupulous participants who break the market. <br /> • Order or participate in auction with a unique product having the necessary characteristics. <br /> • Order a product under our own brand and with individual features: Weight, volume, composition, properties, use method, container, title, number, etc. <br /> • Adjust the price of your product. </ P> <p> We produce customers under the brand (STM) and on a technical assignment from 1000 kg. <br /> You can choose the size, color and packaging. <br /> Size: 470ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml , 5000 ml, 10000 ml. and so on. <br /> Color: red, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, gold, colorless, etc. <br /> Aroma for your choice: fruit, floral, perfume, mixed, Elite, etc. ... <br /> Packaging: bottles, cans, barrels, eurocubes ... <br /> Covers: Standard, Push pool, Pumping dispenser, flip top, trigger, telescopic, etc. ... < Br /> Design: Free design stickers with a client brand. We will develop promotional and POS materials. <br /> We will receive certificates and all permits. </ P>

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