Aqua Health PH MINUS 10KG / 75pc

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Aqua Health PH MINUS 10KG / 75pc
Aqua Health PH MINUS 10KG / 75pc
Aqua Health PH MINUS 10KG / 75pc
Aqua Health PH MINUS 10KG / 75pc
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<P> Means for lowering the pH of the water <br /> ------------ <br /> Purpose: to reduce the pH of the water and maintain it within the normal range. In water parks, SPA, swimming pools, including open, pools in school, preschool and wellness institutions, water in fountains, water parks, baths, baths and saunas. <br /> Use: The drug is dosed in the water of the pool using a dosing automatic device Or manually. <br /> To maintain the optimal pH of the pool water 7.2-7.4, it is necessary to carry out control measurements with a tester 2-3 times a week. The pH of water is not allowed above 7.8. The use of the tool prevents the formation of a lime closer on the walls of the pool. <br /> Recommended dosages (with manual dumping): <br /> To reduce pH value by 0.1 units, add 100 ml of 10 m3 water. <br /> Hard Water, as well as intensive use of the pool require large and more frequent additives. <br /> Pool volume, m3 20406080100120 <br /> The amount of means added for <br /> lowering pH values ​​by 0.1 ml 20040060080010001200 </ p> P> Composition: ≥30% Purified water, inorganic acid, corrosion inhibitor. </ p> <p> Security: <br /> ATTENTION! Always add a drug into water, and not vice versa. <br /> • Ensures serious irritation. <br /> • Store under the lock in places inaccessible to children. <br /> • When you get into the eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult from Doctor <br /> • When contacting the skin, immediately washed off with plenty of water. <br /> • Work in protective gloves, glasses and mask. <br /> • When accidental and dismisses, consult a doctor (if possible, to present this description . <br /> • Do not mix with other chemicals. <br /> Storage: <br /> • Shelf life - 2 years from the date of manufacture. <br /> • Tool freezes, after defrosting saves its properties. <br /> • Adjust a slight precipitate. <br /> • The product is stable under normal operating conditions and compliance with the rules of storage. <br /> Disposal: Do not allow undiluted tools to waste, surface or groundwater and in sewage. </ P>

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