Patriot Tosol A-40M 3 kg / 4pcs / 208pcs

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Patriot Tosol A-40M 3 kg / 4pcs / 208pcs
Patriot Tosol A-40M 3 kg / 4pcs / 208pcs
Patriot Tosol A-40M 3 kg / 4pcs / 208pcs
Patriot Tosol A-40M 3 kg / 4pcs / 208pcs
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<p> Modern coolant that meets the requirements of international standards. <br /> Provides full protection of the engine and elements of the cooling system from corrosion, overheating and freezing to -40 ° C. </ p> <p> Recommendations for use: <BR / > 1. It should be mixed with each other antifreeze of different brands, even having one base, since they may contain non-compatible additives. <br /> 2. Read the first toosol filling system to make sure the cooling system tubes. <BR />3. If the loss of the desired color, the cooling fluid should be drained and rinse the cooling system with clean water, pour fresh liquid. </ P> <p> Composition: ethylene glycol, water, package of functional additives, dye. </ P> <p> Attention! This item is under our brand. <br /> We will develop analogue specifically for the customer. </ P> <p> For wholesalers and retail chains: <br /> • Share and swell down from competitors ordering goods under STM or under our brand. <BR /> • Sell a product having a different design and properties, it will help to convince customers that your product is better than analog. </ p> <p> Individual marketing will help you create additional value for the client and increase the cheating. <br /> • STM will allow you to be an exclusive supplier of your product, no one except you will suggest this product. <br /> • Form yourself Price Policy. </ p> <p> For the participants of the auctions and procurers: <br /> • We go around the unscrupulous participants who break the market. <br /> • Order or participate in auction with a unique product having the necessary characteristics. <br /> • Order a product under our own brand and with individual features: Weight, volume, composition, properties, use method, container, title, number, etc. <br /> • Adjust the price of your product. </ P> <p> We produce customers under the brand (STM) and on a technical assignment from 1000 kg. <br /> You can choose the size, color and packaging. <br /> Size: 470ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml , 5000 ml, 10000 ml. and so on. <br /> Color: red, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, gold, colorless, etc. <br /> Aroma for your choice: fruit, floral, perfume, mixed, Elite, etc. ... <br /> Packaging: bottles, cans, barrels, eurocubes ... <br /> Covers: Standard, Push pool, Pumping dispenser, flip top, trigger, telescopic, etc. ... < Br /> Design: Free design stickers with a client brand. We will develop promotional and POS materials. <br /> We will receive certificates and all permits. </ P>

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