Citric acid / bag 25 kg

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Citric acid / bag 25 kg
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Trading House "Artik"
Trading House "Artik"


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Lemonic acid was previously obtained from the juice of lemon and biomass Machorkas. Currently, the main pathway of industrial production - biosynthesis from sugar or sugar substances (Melassa) by industrial strains of mold mushrooms Aspergillus Niger, or the fermentation of sweet waste of sugar production - molasses.Taste and aromaOdorless to tasteUnusual propertiesLemonic acid is used as a safe tool for removing scale.To clean the teapot with a volume of 1.5-2 liters. It is enough to pour 25 g. in boiling water, boil 3-5 minutes. And leave for 2-3 hours. Merge. Rinse with clean water.To clean the washing machine, it is enough once at 25-30 styers pour out 200 g. Lemon acid into the bottom of the powder bunker and run the program of the usual washing. Without underwear! Much more efficient and cheaper than Kalgona.How to get rid of Nagara on the dishes? Lemon acid will help. In fact, the effect of citric acid is the same as the vinegar, but it will also removely solvent lime deposits.

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