Potassium chloride white / bag 50 kg

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Potassium chloride white / bag 50 kg
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Potassium chloride (potassium chloride) is a potassium salt of hydrochloric acid. It looks like this is a white crystalline substance similar to a cook salt. Potassium chloride has the same crystalline structure as NaCl, which causes the similarity of their physicochemical properties. Potassium chloride is well soluble in water, but practically does not dissolve in alcohols.Application:Potassium chloride finds use in many industries:• Potassium chloride is widely used in agriculture as a potash fertilizer. Potassium technical chloride, used as fertilizer, contains 58-62% of potassium in terms of potassium oxide (K2O).• In the chemical industry, potassium chloride serves as raw materials for other potassium compounds, used in the production of rubber and leatherette. Another area of ​​application of potassium chloride crystals is to create and recording holograms.• Medical use of potassium chloride is due to its important role in the biochemical processes of the body. Potassium chloride is part of the physiological solutions used in the treatment of poisoning and with the dehydration of the body. Potassium chloride solutions are used inside or intravenously. Potassium chloride is also included in many drugs governing the work of the cardiovascular system. As a nutritional supplement (E508), potassium chloride is part of salt with a reduced sodium content.Package:• Potassium chloride, produced in accordance with GOST 4568-95, is packaged in bags of 50 kg.Safety:• According to the degree of impact on the body of potassium chloride refer to the substances of 3 hazard class. Potassium chloride dust can worsen the healing of open wounds. When working with potassium chloride, it is recommended to use protective clothing and respirator. For intact skin, potassium chloride is safe. Potassium chloride is not a corrosion-active substance, non-combustible, fire and explosive.Storage:• Potassium chloride is kept in closed warehouses, excluding atmospheric sediments and groundwater.

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