Bura Timetable technical / bag 25 kg

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Bura Timetable technical / bag 25 kg
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Trading House "Artik"


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Description FAVORA: Bag 25 CG Sodium titles (synonyms): Sodium Tetractural Decahydrate, Bura Timetime, sodium boring, sodium borate, Tetraboot Dynatory. Standard: GOST 8429-77Chemical formula: NA2B4O7 * 10H2OpesBurbura technical - bulk, white or colorless, crystalline product. Na2B4O7 * 10H2O decahydrate - colorless crystals (tigntive bora). Replacement: The Grain Timetime Bura, depending on the purpose, produce two brands: a and B.Bura brand A is used in the production of non-ferrous metals, pharyncing dishes, Fritt, for special and other purposes. ; Bura brand B is used in the manufacture of enamels and glazes used in the manufacture of technical equipment, plumbing products, in the process of wire dragging, as part of welding fluxes, soldiers and other purposes. Transportation and storage: transported by rail and road transport, in universal containers. The tuber is technical, packed in soft specialized containers, transported on an open rolling stock. The boor is stored in a packed form in closed warehouses. The product, packed in soft specialized containers, is allowed to be stored on ungublined open safety sites: a boraner technical fire and explosion-proof, toxicity causes the main source component - boric acid, which according to the degree of impact on the body belongs to the substances of the 3rd hazard class. The bora enters the body when inhaled in the form of dust or aerosol, having an irritant effect on the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. When entering the body in significant amounts of the bora, can cause poisoning. When working with a brown, it is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke. Individual protective equipment: Overalls, footwear, protective glasses, petal respirator, hand protection equipment.

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