Back to the Future. Jubilee Edition (4 Blu-ray, Elite) + Cards

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Back to the Future. Jubilee Edition (4 Blu-ray, Elite) + Cards
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The anniversary edition includes classic trilogy on 3-disks and a separate disk with an extensive selection of additional materials. Sneveloped fiction in one collection: ¶1 Part: Marty teen with the help of a time machine built by his friend Professor Dock Brown, falls out of the 80s In the distant 50th. There he meets with his future parents, still teenagers, and a friend-professor, very young. A12 part: Continuation of a fantastic story about the adventures of an American teenager in time. This time, with the help of a modernized Dock, Marti Time Machine from the 80s falls into the future. Children of Marty in trouble, and they need to be out. ¶3 Part: From the newspapers of 1955, Marty learns that Dr. Brown died a hundred years ago. Despite the requests of the Dock not to visit him in the XIX century, Marty again wants to intervene in the course of events and carrying out the car in 1885, towards the wildwaster. This journey, like all the old, does not do without dangerous adventures, but brave Marty, risking life, prevents the tragedy in the life of the Emmet of Brown. He, in turn, falls in love with a charming stranger, which saves death, and a trip home - to the future - loses all meaning for him ...

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