Seeds fried, 90.

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Seeds fried, 90.
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Products: Seeds fried sunflower seeds, fried. "Profitable purchase", 90 gr. To buy for export from the manufacturer in Russia, Prokopyevsk.We use seeds grown clean on the fields of the Altai Territory. To preserve the beneficial properties and taste, the sunflower seeds are roasted in a hot air stream.Characteristics:Certification: The production management system ISO 22 000 - 2018 is implemented at the production.Raw materials: Surfers of the top grade, grown in the territory of the Altai and Altai Territory.The manufacturing process: seeds are calibrated, exposed to the process of washing and roasting air, which allows you to get pure and delicious fried seeds.Compound:Roasted sunflower seeds (caliber 40 +)The energy value:Belings 19.7 gr.Fat 53.2 gr.Carbohydrates 4.7 gr.Calories per 100g: 576 kcalPackaging options90 g - 20 pcs in the box.180 g - 20 pcs in a box.450 g - 10 pieces in a box.Options wholesale packagingGofrokorob for seeds 90 gr (size 285/180/180), the number of boxes on the pallet - 128 pieces. Number of packages - 2560 pcs. ;Corrugated corrugations for seed 180 gr (size 390/290/135), the number of boxes on the pallet - 88 pieces. Number of packages - 1760 pieces.Corrugated corrugations for seeds 450 gr (size 390/290/135), the number of boxes on the pallet - 88 pieces. Number of packages - 880 pieces.Polyethylene block, number of packs in the block:90 gr - 10 pieces;180 gr - 10 pieces;450 gr - 10 pieces.The product is fully ready for use.Expired for 6 months.Store in a dry cool, darkened room at temperatures from 11 ° to 21 ° C and relative air humidity not more than 75%.Net weight, date of manufacture and packaging is indicated on the package.Production facilities: Russia, ProkopyevskMinimum delivery amount: from 20 pcs.Packaging: Boxes

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