Disinfectant agent 5 l Terecid, concentrate

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Disinfectant agent 5 l Terecid, concentrate
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Disinfectant agent 5 l Terecid, concentrateAn hour-based disinfectant has good detergents, does not record organic contamination on the treated surfaces and objects, does not cause corrosion of metals. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.Release form: concentrate.Disinfection modes: disinfection of an IM non-combined with PSO, disinfection of the name, combined with PSO, disinfection of surfaces, disinfection of surfaces affected by mold, preservative cleaning (PSO).Scope: Children''s facilities (kindergartens, schools, etc.), infectious foci, utilities (baths, pools, hotels, public toilets, etc.), resort, sports and cultural and health complexes, laboratories, LPU, Hairdressers, cosmetic salons, etc., catering enterprises, cultural institutions, recreation (cinemas, museums, theaters), establishment institutions.Weight / volume: 5 kg / l.Activity type: bacteria, viruses, detergents, pathogenic mushrooms.Contains: hour.Suitable for use in children''s institutions: Yes.Manufacturer: Russia.

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    Disinfectant with detergent effect

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