Siberian pine cones jam

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Siberian pine cones jam
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Region-K - Dary Yugry
Region-K - Dary Yugry



We offer to your attention - jam of pine cones from Siberia forests (Khmao-Ugra - the most environmentally friendly region of Russia)! Territory of collecting - coniferous forests Taiga, 200 kilometers from the nearest settlement, which gives us absolute environmental friendliness and best organoleptic indicators (taste, smell, structure) of raw materials. Composition: young pine cones, sugar, water. Only natural raw materials collected in environmentally friendly forests of Siberia, where there is practically no civilization! The product has certification of compliance with food safety. Certification is made by the Gammatist test laboratory attestation certificate Ross RU 31578.04 OLNO. Il01. We have received the cooperation of individual entrepreneurs, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, eco-shops, organizers of holidays, corporate events, hotel business and other connoisseurs of unique eco-products from Siberia forests. Individuals will be seen for you packing material, packaging. In our ads, you will find many other wilderos. Individual approach to each client!

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    Gifts of Ugra

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    Дары Югры