Antipocheline, 6 tablets

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Antipocheline, 6 tablets
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Antipochemeline "Antiphelin" is a biologically active additive to food, facilitating a hangover that contributes to sip. Quickly restores human performance, even after receiving large doses of alcohol, reduces the effects of alcohol intake for the body. "Antipochmeline" is the first of the drug of antipa drugs, which has gained popularity outside of Russia. Joint development of scientists of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Research Institute of Health. Passed the tests of the drug abuse of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The reception of the drug increases the energy potential of cell metabolism due to the additional admission of amber, ascorbic acids and glycine. It is clinically proven: antipocheline accelerates 30% alcohol oxidation, contributes to rapid siping. Make an action: antipochemeline, being a source of amber and ascorbic acids, glycine, replenishes the deficit of energy, optimizes the exchange processes in the tissue level, contributes to the accelerated and efficient processing of alcohol and its decay products. (acetaldehyde). Restores the processes of carbohydrates, disturbed as a result of alcohol excesses, prevents the development of alcohol toxicosis.

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