Delicious strawberry sauce with basil

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Delicious strawberry sauce with basil
Delicious strawberry sauce with basil
Delicious strawberry sauce with basil
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Strawberry and green basil - a time-tested combination. It takes that these tastes are ideal for each other. Although it turns out very unusual. The alone jam "Strawberry with a basil" is welded from strawberries with the addition of fresh basil, has a jelly consistency with large pieces of fruit. Natural jam has a thick texture, a rich strawberry aroma and a pleasant taste with a balanced sweetness and sourness. This product is perfectly flawed on bread and toasted toasts, is an excellent addition to pancakes and pancakes, suitable for baking fillings. Strawberry sauce with a basil with a special taste of basilica, suitable for desserts, pancakes, pancakes, baked duck, and Also different cheeses. Aid addition to Italian cheeses, in other matters and not only, especially tasty on whole-grain crackers with parmesan cheese, Padano Grand, and especially with sheep pecorino. With Mature Gouda or Cheddar is also very tasty. And in principle, such a jam will decorate any cheese plate.

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