Pink rock salt, in a plastic bag, 500g

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Pink rock salt, in a plastic bag, 500g
Pink rock salt, in a plastic bag, 500g
Pink rock salt, in a plastic bag, 500g
Pink rock salt, in a plastic bag, 500g
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Himalayan pink salt is pure naturally crystalline unrefined rock salt. Most of all in the pink salt of iron, it is it that gives it such colors. Pink salt has a special value. Deposits of this pure crystalline salt were formed 250 million years ago, during the Jurassic period. when continents were formed, and the earth's crust was subjected to powerful geological influences. India, which was then a separate continent, was moving towards Eurasia, with great, by geological standards, speed, forming Himalayan Mountains at the point of collision of the continents. The salt of the ocean that once washed these separate continents, and the salt of the ancient seas on the territory of modern India and Pakistan, was gradually deposited on newly formed rocks and pushed to a height of 3000 m. All this was accompanied by active volcanic processes, salt layers interacted with magma and were subjected to enormous pressure of sedimentary limestone rocks. As a result of such influences, a unique mineral with a pink color – Himalayan pink salt - appeared by its nature and composition. The extraction of pink salt is carried out manually, without the use of explosives. Pink salt contains, according to various data, from 82 to 92 trace elements. Depending on the ratio of minerals, pink salt has a number of shades – from peach to rich pink. Pink salt has its own individual taste and aroma. Compared to table salt, the salinity of pink Himalayan salt seems more saturated. Its taste will perfectly complement the taste of the dishes themselves, including raw dishes and salads. There is a lot of iron in pink salt, which is what gives it such colors. In addition to iron, pink salt contains copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, boron, chromium, fluorine, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc. Average nutritional value per 100 g of the product: Protein – 0 g Fat – 0 g Carbohydrates – 0 g Cholesterol, fatty acids – 0 g Sodium (at least) – 34 g Potassium (not less) – 0.07 g Calcium (at least) – 0.08 g Magnesium (at least) – 0.04 g Energy value: 0 kcal. in stock 500 gr fine grinding doy-pack , 100 gr coarse grinding package, 120 gr coarse grinding in a glass bottle with a lid-mill

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