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Spanish food wholesale
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Myaso i Artel
Myaso i Artel


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LLC "Meat and Artel" produces high-quality and extremely diverse products, which we are sure you will like. Recently, the company has released new products - beef sausages. The range includes: * Small sausages in mold (weight 0.2 kg): Milano, Felino, Fuet, Salcichon, Campagnolo, Santorini, Boletus, Tartuffo, Napoli, Piccante, Cacciatore, Finocchiena. * Small sausages without mold (weight 0.2 kg): Chorizo, Pepperoni. * Large sausages (diameter 10 cm, weight 1.5-2 kg): Soppressata, Cacciatore, Tartuffo, Milano, Felino, Napoli, Cacciatore. * Large sausages (diameter 6 cm, weight 1 kg): Boletus, Tartuffo, Milano, Felino, Chorizo, Soppressata, Finocchiena, Cacciatore, Spianata, Pepperoni, Venetto (beef), Molinari (beef). * Flat sausages (weight 0.5-1 kg): Spianata, Finocchiena, Cacciatore, Pepperoni. * Meat (weight 1-5 kg): Coppa, Lomo pepper, Lomo paprika, Lomo juniper, Bresaola, Carpaccio plum, Carpaccio truffle, Carpaccio beef, Pancetta, Prosciutto di Parma (legs with bone). • Flexible terms of cooperation. • A wide range. • Own production. • Delivery to all regions. • The minimum order is 10 kg in the assortment.

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    Мясо и Артель