Alcohol-containing antiseptic for hands and surfaces (70%)

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Alcohol-containing antiseptic for hands and surfaces (70%)
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Product form: liquid. Disinfection modes: disinfection of the skin, disinfection of surfaces. Scope of application: children's institutions (kindergartens, schools, etc.), communal facilities (baths, swimming pools, hotels, public toilets, etc.), resort, sports and cultural complexes, laboratories, health facilities, hairdressers, beauty salons, etc., catering establishments, processing industry enterprises, use in everyday life, cultural and recreational institutions (cinemas, museums, theaters), social security institutions. Volume: 5 liters. Type of activity: bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi. Contains: alcohol, HOUR. Meets the requirements of GOST: GOST 12.1.007-76 p.1.2, 1.3, GOST R 56990-2016, GOST R 58151.1-2018. Suitable for use in children's institutions: yes. Prolonged antimicrobial effect: yes. The presence of SGR on dez. remedy (skin antiseptic): yes. pH: 8.11. Dispenser: None. Packaging: canister. Description Disinfectant for hygienic treatment of hands, small surfaces and tools, alcohol-containing. The disinfectant is intended for hygienic treatment of the skin of hands, surgical field, injection field, gloves, express disinfection of various surfaces, equipment in the food industry, catering, trade, perfumery and cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical, biotechnological and microbiological enterprises, in public utilities, education, culture, recreation and sports, in medical institutions. Method of application: It is used in accordance with the instructions for use developed by the FSUN Research Institute of Disinfection of Rospotrebnadzor. As a skin antiseptic: apply 3 ml of antiseptic to the skin of the hands and wipe for 30 seconds. As a disinfectant for surfaces: wipe with a napkin or rag soaked in solution, by irrigation – irrigate with a means until the surface is completely wetted. Characteristic: It has a high bactericidal (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis), virucidal, fungicidal action. It does not contain flavoring. Provides long-lasting antimicrobial protection. It is used for hygienic treatment of hand skin, surgical field, injection field, gloves, express disinfection of various surfaces, equipment. pH (1% solution at 20 ° C): 8.11 ± 0.3 Contains: 2-propanol - 70%, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride - 0.1%, glycerin, water. Shelf life in unopened packaging - 3 years

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