Marshmallow Mosaic

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Marshmallow Mosaic
Marshmallow Mosaic
Marshmallow Mosaic



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Assorted five types of marshmallows: White - with vanilla flavor. Pink - with strawberry/raspberry flavor. Green - with apple flavor. Yellow - with lemon flavor. Orange - with orange flavor GOST Ingredients: white sugar; starch molasses; apple puree, canned with sulfur dioxide (fresh apples, preservative - sulfur dioxide); egg products: liquid protein; gelling agent - pectin; acidity regulators: lactic acid, sodium citrate 3- substituted; flavors: "Vanilla", "Lemon", "Orange", "Apple", "Raspberry", dyes: Carmine (purified water, dye E 120 (contains maltodextrin), carrier E 1520, acidity regulator E 524), Annato (water, carrier E 433, annato seed extract, acidity regulator E 525), Curcumin (carrier E 433, carrier E 1520, dye E 100), Green Apple dye (blue shiny FCF, tartrazine); preservative - potassium sorbate. It contains a dye that can have a negative effect on the activity and attention of children.

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