Marmalade without added sugar

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Marmalade without added sugar
Marmalade without added sugar
Marmalade without added sugar



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Marmalade without added sugar is made on the basis of fructose instead of sugar and in coconut dusting instead of powdered sugar. The dense texture of marmalade in combination with coconut chips will not leave anyone indifferent. Ingredients: starch molasses; fructose; coconut chips (coconut chips, preservative - sulfur dioxide); gelling agent - pectin; acidity regulator - citric acid; flavors: "Pear", "Dried apricots", "Apple", "Cherry"; dyes: Carmine (purified water, dye E 120 (contains maltodextrin), carrier E 1520, acidity regulator E 524), Annatto (water, carrier E 433, annatto seed extract, acidity regulator E 525), Curcumin (carrier E 433, carrier E 1520, dye E 100), complex food additive natural Green dye (carrier - water, carrier E 433, carrier E 1520, dye E 141 II, turmeric extract, acidity regulator E 525).

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