Marmalade Fruit slices

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Marmalade Fruit slices
Marmalade Fruit slices
Marmalade Fruit slices
Marmalade Fruit slices



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Marmalade fruit slices are a delicacy familiar to us since childhood! Presented in the form of orange, lemon and watermelon slices. They are made strictly according to GOST on the basis of pectin - a natural gelling agent that is obtained from fruits or berries. A wonderful option of sweets for a tea party for every day! Ingredients: white sugar; starch molasses; gelling agents: pectin, agar; acidity regulators: citric acid, sodium bicarbonate; dyes: Carmine (purified water, dye E 120 (contains maltodextrin), carrier E 1520, acidity regulator E 524), Annato (water, carrier E 433, annato seed extract, acidity regulator E 525), Curcumin (carrier E 433, carrier E 1520, dye E 100), complex food additive natural Green dye (carrier - water, carrier E 433, carrier E 1520, dye E 141 II, turmeric extract, acidity regulator E 525); preservative - potassium sorbate; flavors: "Lemon", "Orange", "Watermelon"; egg products: dry protein.

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