Sienergy Silicon Spring Water 9l

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Sienergy Silicon Spring Water 9l
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Silicon Surgeons Sienergy - Water passing through Paleogenic sediments and relict deposits of diatomitic algae that saturate with silicon water. These are the surveyed 21 holy sources and many Sports of Russia. According to the results of the expedition, only two unique sources containing structured water were found. In the spring in the village, the water was brought to the Ulyanovsk region with a content of silicon. These are detailed studies of the spring water of several Research.A unique mineral composition and a balanced chip-alkaline balance (pH) make water Sienergy your ideal partner for every day and for life. The purity of Sienergy water remains unchanged throughout its long path from the very depths of the source to bottling and this is its distinctive feature. Due to the fact that in the mineral composition of water there are silicon, our water has an almost imperceptible flavor and a delicate silk texture. Silicon has a positive effect on the work of the whole organism. Thanks to a balanced acid-alkaline balance (pH), Sienergy silicon water fills the energy and life forces. It allows you to significantly improve the metabolism in the human body, remove toxin and heavy metals. Such an affordable and simple detox tool, like silicon water, will allow daily help to reduce the negative consequences of life in the metropolis. Sienergy Silicon Water will become an excellent assistant in the normalization of the work of the digestive system, restoring its natural performance. Sienergy Water with explicit advantages that is simply needed both for you and for your customers.Why it is worth drinking and buying water Sienergy:1. Spring water. Water fell into the "top 100 best waters of the planet" (independent US rating)2. Silicon water that contains 1 liter of a daily rate of silicon 30-45 mg / l (not to be confused with methacremnyic acid). Silicon strengthens hair, nails, improves skin, removes aluminum, Prevention of Alzheimer''''s disease, silicon participates in the formation of nerve cells, strengthens the bones and heart3. The format is perfect for the whole family, the lid is suitable for a cooler.4. General mineralization 180-250 mg / dm3Calcium, CA2 + 30-60 mg / dm3Magnesium, Mg2 + 3-20 mg / dm3Sodium, na + no more than 20 mg / dm3Potassium, k + no more than 20 mg / dm3Chlorides, cl- not more than 20 mg / dm3Sulfates, SO42- not more than 40 mg / dm3Bicarbonates, HCO3 150-210 mg / dm3Metachemny, H2SIO3 30-45 mg / dm3Stiffness, 0G 2.0-4.0 mg / dm3Hydrogen indicator, pH 7.0-8.55. Water for those who are conscious approaches the choice of health. Suitable for fond of sports, yoga and people who are on detoxification of the body.Terms of delivery: JUR. face. Prepayment (extra discount) - delay.Delivery: Minimal order from 3000 rubles. + 300r., From 6000 rubles. Delivery is free.

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