Cedar candies grilled and berry

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Cedar candies grilled and berry
Cedar candies grilled and berry
Cedar candies grilled and berry
Cedar candies grilled and berry
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Cedar candies are candies in which the main ingredient is pine nuts. We ourselves produce nuts and berries in the Tomsk taiga and process it. Sweets of our production are presented in a very wide assortment both in gift packaging and by weight. To get acquainted with the prices, as well as to unload the goods to you in the social network.you can go online or to the website on our website. - Cedar GRILL and cedar sticks - 90 SKY - CEDAR ASSORTED - 14 SKY - DRAGEE - 7 SKY - A lump in chocolate - 9 SKY - Berry candies and marmalade with bars - 27 SKY - BERRY pastille with nuts - 13 SKY - CEDAR MARZIPAN - 11 SKY - CEDAR TRUFFLE - 3 SKY - Cedar halva and Nougat - 4 SKY - Candies in show boxes - 32 SKY - Candies weighing - 50 SKY We work on the terms of prepayment to the settlement account of the organization. Prices may vary. Check the actual wholesale price on the website - We deliver the order with the help of any transport companies. - Shipment is carried out from the main warehouse in Tomsk

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    1 pcs

  • Type of candy.

    Fruits / Nuts / Berries, Orekhi, Truffle, Dragee, Шоколадные;Фрукты;Орехи, Шоколадные;Фрукты;Орехи

  • Taste

    Орех;Апельсин;Шоколад, Praline, Coconut, chocolate, Орех;Апельсин;Шоколад

  • Secondary packaging

  • Filling

    Нуга, Marzipan, Berry, Nut, Нуга

  • Does not contain

    ГМО;Ваниль;Пальмовое масло;Искусственные добавки;Ароматизаторы;Консерванты;Глутамат натрия, Artificial additives, Preservatives, Palm oil

  • Primary packaging

    Упаковка картонная;Сырная бумага

  • Contains

    Фрукты;Натуральные ингредиенты;Витамины, Фрукты;Натуральные ингредиенты;Витамины, Orekhi

  • Standard compliance

    0;ГОСТ;Здоровый продукт, Healthy product

  • Manufacturer country

    Россия, Кубань

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  • Type of chocolate