Jam Dessert Jam and jar Marmalade

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Jam Dessert Jam and jar Marmalade
Jam Dessert Jam and jar Marmalade
Jam Dessert Jam and jar Marmalade
Jam Dessert Jam and jar Marmalade
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That's what it is, and in sweet preservation we are craftsmen. You can talk a lot about the merits, but it's better to try. Did you know that there is a wine jam? And the jam from the Flowers of Ivan-Tea? Probably not! We invite you to meet and introduce your customers. There is a wide selection in our assortment: - Desserts without sugar - 34 SKY - CANNED MARMALADE - 22 SKY - Syrups and Sbitni - 17 SKY - Wine confections - 10 SKY We work on the terms of prepayment to the settlement account of the organization. - Prices may vary. Check the actual wholesale price on the website - We deliver the order with the help of any transport companies. - Shipment is carried out from the main warehouse in Tomsk

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    1 pcs

  • View of the product

    Scratched berry, Confiture, Scratched berry, jam

  • View of fruit

    имбирь, Mango, Mix, Apricot, ginger

  • View of berry

    Микс, Cherry, Cowberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Mix, Sea ​​buckthorn, Blueberry, Микс, Cherryukha, Smorodine black, Honeysuckle

  • Taste

    0;Ягоды;Барбарис;Киви , Виноград;Лесные ягоды

  • Does not contain

    Artificial flavors, ГМО;Ваниль;Пальмовое масло;Искусственные добавки;Ароматизаторы;Консерванты;Глутамат натрия

  • Primary packaging

    стб;Банка стеклянная, Glass jar

  • Contains

    Only natural ingredients

  • Standard compliance

    0;ГОСТ;Здоровый продукт

  • Manufacturer country

    Россия, Кубань

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