Vaseline oil WO-68

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Vaseline oil WO-68
Vaseline oil WO-68
Vaseline oil WO-68
Vaseline oil WO-68
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We sell from our warehouse in the mountains. Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region vaseline oils (white oil) different kinematic viscosity. From WO-10 to WO-68. The priority is the sale of technical grades of vaseline oil. Used as raw materials in the production of polymers. Also used as lubricants. In the food industry, the use of petroleum jelly oil is very diverse. Firstly, it is used as a lubricating and separating oil for various food equipment. Secondly, as a food additive, as a glazier of fruits, vegetables and berries, to improve storage and transportation of the third, as a binder in the manufacture of sweets, confectionery. In the paper, textile, glass, furniture, and clothing industries, petroleum jelly oil is mainly used as a lubricating and molding oil. In the cosmetic field, vaseline oil is widely used due to its properties - it is resistant to all chemical products used in cosmetics and is not absorbed into the skin. Therefore, it is indispensable in protective and massage creams, in decorative cosmetics and in various special-purpose products (for example, in creams for removing freckles). Vaseline oils (white oil WO) at the request of the customer are packed in cubes, barrels, cans. We work with VAT and cash. We will send any TC. #vaseline oil,white oil,WO15,WO68

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