Bed set luxury coat

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Bed set luxury coat

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Sizes1.5 bedroomDuvet cover: 1 pc. - 215 * 145;Sheet: 1 pc. - 215 * 150;Pillowcase: 2 pcs. - 70 * 70;Composition: 100% cotton, density 120 g / sq. M.Unlike the budget seats, withstanding 60 styrices, Boezi bed linen is distinguished by strength and durability. And after two hundred styrics, it will not lose its shape and color.Environmentally friendly materials. The calico is made of 100% cotton, it is well suited for allergies. Wear resistance allows the use of PBC, people suffering from intolerance to dust bedding: even everyday wash at 90 ° C will not damage the color and will not spoil the high quality of the fabric.Easy care. Bed linen coarse is an excellent example of practical in the operation of the PBC. It is perfectly erased at 30 ° C, and at 90 ° C, carries drying in the drying machine, as well as boiling. Unique weaving threads makes it necessary without ironing.

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