Sulfur Hammer for Plants

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Sulfur Hammer for Plants
Price per kg
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1000 kg
10 560.00$
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It is used as a acarofungicide to combat pulse dew and ticks.Processing of plants to carry out during the growing season when ticks or pulse dews appear in dry and warm weather at a temperature not higher than +27 C.The drug cannot be used during flowering cultures, as well as with preparations containing mineral oils.Exposure speed: as an acaricide - from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on the culture and temperature. The greatest speed of exposure in the greenhouse. As a fungicide - after 3-4 hours.Period of protected action: 8-12 days depending on infection and weather conditions.Hazard class: IV is a fixed substance.Precautions: Conduct treatment in the absence of children and animals. Avoid getting the drug in the eyes, on the skin. Avoid inhalation of the drug.Work in protective clothing, rubber gloves, glasses, petal respirator. During work, do not smoke, do not eat!After working, the face and hands wash with soap, rinse your mouth.Take care of children and animals!Carefully! Chemical plant protection agent!First aid for poisoning: when entering the skin - pollution wash off with water with soap; If you get into the eye - rinse with a jet of water; When swallowed - drink activated carbon, drinking with plenty of water.Store: in a dry, cool, darkened place at temperatures from -30 ° C to +30 0 ° C, separately from food.The price is per bag of 25 kg. Minimum batch 1000kg.

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