Oxytest liquid oxygen, 30l

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Oxytest liquid oxygen, 30l
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Disinfection of water based on active oxygen is one of the modern areas of water treatment. These means reliably, easily and without any smells give water freshness and purity. As the same effective disinfecting drugs as chlorine-containing chemicals, they have at the same time one important advantage - absolute environmental safety.For electronic dosing stations, liquid "oxyteste" are used in convenient for the use of thirty-polytral cannors (vehicle weight 32 kg). In the absence of an automatic system, the drug can also be used in manual dosing mode, with a decrease in the initial concentration of three to five times. The resulting working solution is added directly to the pool, near the water supply location. The liquid "oxytest" is particularly effective for treating muddy water due to organic particles and tightening algae. Ideally operates with "Oxitest" -post. It can be used in combination with other water treatment systems based on active oxygen method.Recommended dosages:- Current treatment -0.5 l per 10 cubic meters of water.- "Impact" processing -. 1 l per 10 cubic meters of water. Requires a technical break in the work of the basin at least 12 hours.With intensive use of the pool, you should increase the dosage of up to 2 liters per 10 cubic meters of water in combination with the necessary dose of oxyteste powder.Precautionary measures:Core! When working, use gloves and protective glasses!take care of children;If you get on the skin and eyes immediately rinse with plenty of water, if necessary, consult a doctor.Ingredients: contains 35% hydrogen peroxide, ammonium quaternary compounds.Shelf life: six months from the date of manufacture.Storage conditions: Store at T not higher than 22 degrees with dry room and hermetically closed packaging; Differently from acids, alkalis, chlorine-containing drugs and combustible substances. Bear from direct sunlight. It is necessary to remember that the efficiency of all disinfectants depends on the level of water pH of the swimming pool. The ideal value of the water pH is within 7.0-7.4.Kanister 30 L.

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