Oxygen Oxytest Oxygen, 1.5kg

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Oxygen Oxytest Oxygen, 1.5kg
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A comprehensive two-component drug based on active oxygen is a sample of high demands for modern chemistry for the swimming pool. A two-component system combines a disinfectant containing active oxygen, and an activator of a disinfecting action, which is simultaneously a means of overwhelming and preventing algae growth in the pool. It perfectly copes with all the pathogenic microorganisms, refreshes and softeing water, promotes comfortable bathing, not irritating the eyes and mucous membranes.The drug acts against a wide range of microbes, viruses and bacteria.Consists of two components. Component No. 1 is a disinfectant powder containing active oxygen. Component No. 2 is a liquid activator enhancing the disinfecting effect of active oxygen; Prevents the growth of algae in the pool.Recommended chemistry dosages:- Current processing - 100g powder and 50 ml of an activator by 10 m³ of water during the week. It is advisable to dispense in the water outdoor pool every 2-3 days;- "Impact" processing - 200g powder and 100 ml of an activator by 10 m³ of water.With the intensive use of the pool and high temperatures, the frequency of water treatment and dosage should be increased.Precautions when using chemistry:Core!When working, use gloves and protective glasses!-Bever from children;- Do not mix with other chemical preparations;- Just get into the skin and eyes immediately rinse with plenty of water, if necessary, consult a doctor.Composition: Contains hydrogen peroxide, polymer hour.Shelf life: one year from the date of manufacture.Chemistry storage conditions: Store in a dry cool room and hermetically closed packaging at ts no higher than 25ºС; Divided from heating devices and combustible substances. Take care of heating and direct sunlight.Box 1.5 kg

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