Tomato paste "Box of Astrakhan Tomatoes", 490 g

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Tomato paste "Box of Astrakhan Tomatoes", 490 g
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Group Green Ray
Group Green Ray

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Real tomato paste Only tomato paste made from ripe and pure tomatoes alone can be called tomato paste! Bright red color, aroma of ripe tomatoes, thick consistency — all this speaks about the quality of real tomato paste. In our pasta there is nothing but tomatoes: no salt, no sugar, no starch. It takes as much as 7 kg of Astrakhan tomatoes to make 1 kg of tomato paste. Thus, in a large jar a little more than 5 kg — and this is a whole box of Astrakhan tomatoes! We make pasta only from Astrakhan tomatoes — the only elite tomatoes in Russia that have a certificate of protection of the place of origin. We know that tomato paste is an ingredient that allows the taste of the whole dish to unfold, so the key ingredient must be truly high—quality and 100% natural. Our tomato paste is the most useful! This is a tomato paste with a proven lycopene content: each tablespoon contains a daily allowance of the most powerful natural antioxidants known to science! Expand Composition: Tomatoes, water. Per 100 grams of product: 110 kcal 4 squirrels 3,5 fats 15 carbohydrates

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