Hottek HT-976-004 Meat Grinder

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Hottek HT-976-004 Meat Grinder
Hottek HT-976-004 Meat Grinder
Hottek HT-976-004 Meat Grinder
Hottek HT-976-004 Meat Grinder
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"What is a modern, high-quality meat grinder? • High power • High performance • Metal parts • Availability of additional attachments • Interesting color solutions The HT-976-004 meat grinder is made of high–quality plastic, in burgundy color - for those who like non-standard (classic) color solutions in the kitchen. Maximum (peak)* the power of the meat grinder is 1800 watts, nominal * 300 watts. Productivity – 1.8 kg of minced meat per minute. The reverse (reverse stroke) function will help to clean the auger from veins or an accidentally caught bone. Internal parts – auger, knives, grilles – are made of metal, this is a plus, since they bear the entire load during the operation of an electric meat grinder. There is an overheat protection. The package includes 2 disks for cooking minced meat, nozzles for cooking kebbe and sausages. *Maximum (peak) power is the power of the engine at which it gives out its maximum potential (a bone is stuck, tendons are wound). * Rated power is the main indicator of the reliability of the meat grinder, which should be paid attention to when buying. The same power with which the device will work, grinding homogeneous meat. The rated power should not be lower than 300 watts. Technical specifications: • Maximum power 1800 W • Rated power 300 W • Capacity 1.8 kg/min. • Reverse system • 2 perforated discs for stuffing • Kebbe cooking nozzle • Nozzle for cooking sausages • Motor overload protection • Rubberized legs"

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