Bubble Gum Liquid Soap

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Bubble Gum Liquid Soap
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Gentle Bubble Gum cream soap gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin of the hands, eliminating unpleasant odors and germs even in cold water. Now you don't have to worry about dry hands! Thanks to coconut glycerin, the skin of the hands becomes smooth and velvety. The rich aroma of chewing gum will give positive emotions to both adults and children. With this soap, your child will want to wash his hands more often! Coconut glycerin is not only a safe concentrate, but also copes well with unpleasant odors, leaving a pleasant aroma. Properties of liquid soap: Eliminates bacteria Foams well Eliminates odors Cleanses the skin Moisturizes the skin Detailed composition Purified water; APAV 5-15%; A complex of soft nonionic (based on coconut oil) and amphoteric (based on coconut oil and beet extract, glucosides from corn) Surfactants 2-10%; Natural rock salt; Styrene/Acrylate Copolymer; Complexing agents (water softening salts), natural glycerin, perfume. composition, preservative Smit-mit Cosmetik grade (without parabens) <1%; The dye. Method of application Apply the required amount of soap to the skin, lather, rinse with water.

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