Concentrated fabric softener "Aroma SPA" 0.9 kg

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Concentrated fabric softener "Aroma SPA" 0.9 kg
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Smell: Floral, freesia, salicylate, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla. An exclusive product on the domestic market. It has additional softening properties due to the enhanced composition. Eliminates pellets and retains color, returning the fabric to its original appearance. A unique fragrance of an expensive perfume. Enriched with a complex of special enzymes that carefully take care of clothes. The product provides professional tissue care due to special enzymes in the composition. Due to its concentrated composition, the gel is very economical to use: from 30 to 50 ml per wash. Suitable for white, colored and synthetic fabrics (including cotton, silk and wool) with the exception of clothing with moisture-repellent impregnation. Main advantages: Retains color Things are even softer Lightweight ironing and antistatic effect Prevents drying of laundry Economical consumption Gives whiteness to white things and refreshes colored fabrics Prevents repeated contamination of light items (antiresorption properties) Preserves the appearance of new fabric and restores old clothes Softener Properties: Detailed composition Purified water; Qwat silicone block-copolymer <15%; Cationik acrylamide copolymer >4%; Cellulase (enzyme complex) >1 %; Perfume composition; Preservative Smit-mit Cosmetik grade (without parabens) <1%; The dye. Method of application Shake the bottle before use. Pour 30 — 50ml of the product into an air conditioner dispenser for 5-7 kg of laundry. With hard water, increase the dosage to 75-100 ml. When hand-washing, add a rinse aid.

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    Чистая планета

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    80 pcs

  • Brand / TM.

    Чистая планета

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