Dragon Little Castle Baby Bib Fehn 065213

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Dragon Little Castle Baby Bib Fehn 065213
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On the B2B.TRADE platform, you can buy wholesale toys of the Fehn brand at attractive prices. A wide range of several series will allow you to offer different collections to your customers. You can place an order for different products in the amount of 1 box of each item. If you have any questions about Fehn brand products, you can ask them to our specialist online (via chat on the site), as well as by phone. Order a callback at a time convenient for you or call us at the contact phone number. The buttons for communication are located at the top of the page. In the Little Castle series, we offer the following product: Dragon Little Castle Baby Bib Fehn 065213, information about which is provided below. Recommended age: 0+ Product Type: Baby bib Toy size, cm: 30 Material: textile Fehn is not just a German quality, it is a family brand. The manufacturer of these toys puts his soul into the design, selection of materials and the manufacturing process of each comforter, rattle and other goods. The series that the brand produces allow not only to design a nursery in a single style. Toys of the Fehn brand also help in the development of the child: the manufacturer offers a variety of shapes to stimulate the imagination and uses different materials and textures to develop fine motor skills.

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