Wella Deluxe Sensitive Hair Polish Strong Lock 250 ml

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Wella Deluxe Sensitive Hair Polish Strong Lock 250 ml
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Wella Deluxe is a new premium styling line that combines luxurious laying and protection of keratin. Wella Deluxe styling means contain a patented Kerashield 5 TM complex, which protects natural hair keratin from damage by creating an invisible film. The complex also includes nutrient ingredients that prevent the depletion of keratin hair. Jojoba oil envelops hair like liquid wax, improves their appearance, gives shine and intensively moisturizes. Provitamin B5 creates an additional barrier and protects the hair structure from temperature drops when hot laying and adverse weather conditions. As a result of use, your hair becomes smooth and elastic, acquire a lively natural brilliance, and it is easier to carry the temperature differences when hot laying and bad weather. WELLA DELUXE SENSITIVE hair lacquer does not contain fragrances and suitable for sensitive scalp. Superxile fixation saves the laying flawless up to 24 hours. Site from the stylist: use varnish not only for final fixation hairstyle, but also during styling. Spray the varnish on separate strands, let dry 10 seconds and create your own unique image. Do not apply varnish on wet hair, only on completely dry.

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